Thus Grew the Tale of Wonderland

Man, oh man. It hardly seems possible.

After months of paperwork, preparation, and procrastination (and maybe just a biiittttt of espresso), the “big day” has finally arrived.

As I make my last minute checks before loading my bags into the car, I cannot help but to think of the advice aptly given to Alice before she began her journey: Every adventure requires a first step. Who knew the Cheshire Cat actually had something figured out?  Honestly, it has become a bit of a personal mantra at this stage. Especially when I’m trying to remember that I actually am as ready as I can be to begin this journey.

But enough of my anxious ramblings for now and on to the more important stuff:


My name is Alice, and for those of you who don’t know me or my story, I am moving to The Netherlands. Today. And this is my attempt to keep everyone in the loop while I’m gallivanting around Holland and the rest of the country.

My promise is that I will try to keep this blog as honest and genuine to my perceptions as possible. It will likely not all be sunshine and rainbows, but I’m also hoping not to write myself into a tragedy either. No matter what, I hope to give you all a bit of comedic relief and a good insight into my experiences as I begin to grow into a life that is a bit too big for me right now. I will apologize in advanced, however. There will be times, I’m sure, that I will not be able to keep up with this as much as I desire. But I am hoping to post at least once a week, and at the very least, twice a month.  I have never done a blog before, so if it isn’t any good, I’m sure I’ll hear about it.  We’ll regroup from there.

But what would a first post or chapter in a book be without the acknowledgements? It would probably be just fine, but I don’t feel like I could hardly go on without thanking some of the incredible people that have helped me get this far.

To my friends: Thank you all. There are very few words that could describe the magnitude of what you all have given me, but this quote from Patrick Rothfuss says is better than I ever could: They were the best sort of friends. The sort that everyone hopes for but no one deserves, least of all me.

To my grandparents: You have loved me through one name and into another, through every major disappointment and success, and through every trial, tribulation, and some tears.  Thank you for making it to every major milestone in my life, driving me to school when I was having hard times, and being all-around excellent people. I am incredibly lucky to have you in my life. Thank you.

To my adopted grandparents and grandaunts/uncles: You all have been a shining light of positivity in my life since I have known you. Thank you making room in your heart and home for me and my siblings. You are all such incredibly generous and selfless individuals, and I am so fortunate to have spent so much time in your company.

To my parents: Thank you for all of your support, both monetary and physical. I have big shoes to fill in terms of career and personal success, but you both have taught me to how to make sacrifices and bow to no one. I am stronger, smarter, and more resilient thanks to you. And while that may have made me difficult to raise, it makes it difficult for anyone to hold me back as well.

To my siblings: I will miss you both. Any small sense of humor I have, I have definitely gotten from you two. Thanks for a lot of nights of laughs, Spin-dip runs, and gaming binges. ❤

To my adviser: Without your belief in me and your encouragement to take a risk, I don’t think I would have ever found what truly fulfills me in life. You pushed me to follow what I was passionate in, against all odds. Thank you for everything you have done for me: late night edits, last minute details, and teaching me how to be confident in myself. Just to name a VERY few things.

To the Wolf King: I have asked more of you than anyone in my life. An absurd amount. And now, here I go, into the wild. In the years that you have been with me, my life has gotten so much larger than I could have ever anticipated. But behind every scheme, dream, and failure, there has only been you. You have loved me through it all, even on the days when I could not find what “me” meant. Thank you for your sacrifices and your conviction that I could wish for bigger than the world I was given.