Winter is Coming

Hoi, alleman and welcome back to the blog!

Long time no talk, but I am happy to say that I have survived my first quarter and all of the finals/papers along with it.

Life here has been pretty slow this last month. Everyone has spent most of their time gearing up for finals, and now that it is all said and done, we were able to take a couple days off before the next quarter starts Monday. Yay.   When is Thanksgiving break again? (;

This quarter’s classes will be ethics, and two philosophy of science courses. The work load is looking fairly manageable for this quarter, as I have been fortunate enough to have many ethics classes, and this one seems to be quite cohesive in material from what I’ve studied previously. *crowd roars* However, the other two will be quite new– I’m hoping the build off of last quarter to some degree though.

Aside from that, I have had a great time enjoying the cool weather, the lack of ants, and my super cozy flannel bedsheets (thanks, mom!).  Though many of my classmates have been focused on doing well on the tests and studying like crazy, I have enjoyed many evenings hanging out with some friends back from ONU and playing games. I remain incredibly thankful to have made such great friends from there, that whenever I miss home, I can almost always find someone awake to ease my mind.

Though I am pretty certain missing my friends, friends, and the NB Coffee Company will never “go away” (where is my melted snowman when I need one???), it definitely becomes easier to manage as I find more and more people here who I resonate with spiritually and intellectually.  It is one of those incredibly unique situations where we have all formed a camaraderie through being subjected to the same trials and tribulations of the program here. The class of individuals I ended up with here are truly extraordinary people, and, I must say,  it is an absolute privilege to be chasing dreams alongside them.

It sort of pains me, not to spend at least some of my post addressing the “state of the union” in light of the presidential election.  But honestly, after this last week of discussing the notions of freedom, justice, and abuse of power, I am tired of trying to find justification for beliefs  that are cataclysmic to the very ideals America was built upon.  Though I am saddened by the  self-destructive nature some individuals are determined to pursue, I am hopeful that the remainder of the US will stay resilient, hopeful, and kind to their fellow countrymen. ( OK, I swear that’s it. I’m cutting it off here).

Stay safe out there. And remember, Winter is Coming.


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