The Wellness Race and the Long Class

Hoi, alleman and welcome back to this week’s edition of “Surviving the Netherlands”.

I have learned this week that the Dutch people have sayings for nearly everything:

Especially when it comes to having a cold.

After searching for how to acquire some Alka seltzer or Nyquil to help me walk among the living again on week 3 of 4 being sick since my arrival, I was presented with the sage advice, “Without medicine, your cold will last 7 days. With medicine, your cold will last a week”.  Needless to say, I will be rubbing dirt into this cold until it goes away, and putting both medicines down on my “to bring back at Christmas” list.

My situation was definitely improved when my Dutch group-mate for our design project was also sick with the same thing I have. To which she told me, “Gedeelde smart is halve smart”.  Roughly translated, “Shared pain is half pain”.  Glad to know someone else will  also be presenting our team’s findings through feverish ramblings and a cacophony of coughing.

So, between the cold-induced aches and the steady pour of rain in the morning, I was unable to go to the market (likely more, “unwilling to bike 20 minutes through the rain while already sick”).  But I am hopeful that I will be able to head out next weekend to collect some great produce, an apple tart (or two), and snag some lunch at “Beans & Bagels”. And acquire some pictures of these lovely places to share with all of you!

Aside from those two negatives, everything else has been going well.

My bank account is officially set up, I am now considered a resident of the NL, and as such am able to travel freely among EU countries, and I am finally settling into the happy-medium of “reading everything assigned” and “reading what is necessary to understand the assignment” (which is a surprisingly large distinction in grad school).

On this week of topics, I am presenting on the acquisition of sociological scientific knowledge, reading about Empiricism and Transcendental philosophy, and wading my way through Heidegger (though even after reading 1/2 of his book, I still have no idea what his main argument is).

I’m afraid that is all I have for this week, however. I remain hopeful that my health will rebound before long, and that I will be able to continue on with market adventures this weekend!

Here’s a cheers to surviving my first month in The Netherlands (barely), proost!


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